The Quest For Every Beard Type

A La Souvarov

A sideburn / mustache combo where the sideburn curves downward toward the corner of the mouth and then curves upward into the mustache. Similar to a curvy version of the Franz Josef.

The Anchor

A beard without sideburns that extends along jawline and is styled into a point. It is combined with a pencil style mustache to resemble an anchor.


A wide version of the goatee accompanied by an unconnected mustache.

Chin Curtain

A beard unaccompanied by a mustache that grows down from the sideburns and along the jawline, completely covering the chin. Also called the Lincolnic.
Chin Puff

A narrow version of the goatee that only covers the round part of the chin.

Copstash Standard

A typical mustache as worn by police and military personnel. The mustache does not extend downward past the upper lip.


A fuller beard that extends into a point.

El Insecto

Two small pieces of hair worn under the chin to resemble and insect’s mandibles.
Federation Standard

Sideburns that are cut from the top of the ear at a 45 degree angle towards the front to form a point. The style was worn in the original Star Trek series.

French Fork

A full beard that extends off the chin and is split down the middle into two segments.
Friendly Mutton Chops

Sideburns that extend to the edge of the mouth and are connected to a mustache.

Fu Manchu

A mustache that extends downward on the sides, usually extending off of the chin.

A beard worn on the chin like a billy goat. A proper goatee is not connected to a mustache.


A mustache where the sides are twisted or curl upward or outward on the ends.
Handlebar and Chin Puff

A mustache with pointy ends worn with a strip of hair down the center of the chin.

Handlebar and Goatee

A handlebar mustache worn with a goatee. Neither are connected.

A mustache connected to a beard in which the sideburns are removed.


Friendly chops that long and wavy.

The Klingon

A full beard where the upper lip is shaved clean, but the connectors from the beard to the mustache are left in tact. Popularized by Klingon characters from the Star Trek series.
The Pencil

A very thin mustache along the upper lip.

Petit Goatee

A small version of the goatee that is limited to the central part of the chin.
Rap Industry Standard

A very, very thin line of hair that extends from the sideburns and along the jawline and into a pencil mustache.

Short Boxed Beard

A full beard of typical variety.

Soul Patch

A small patch of hair between the lower lip and chin. Popularized by beatniks of the 1960′s.


A mustache with hair only in the center of the lip that generally extends no further than the width of the nose. Made famous by Charlie Chaplin and thrown out of favor by Adolf Hitler.
Van Dyke

A goatee that is connected to a mustache.

The Zappa

A full mustache that extends slightly downward past the corners of the mouth, combined with a soul patch. Popularized by musician, Frank Zappa.