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Maria Sharapova BiographyName : Maria SharapovaBirthdate : April 19, 1987Birthplace : Nyagan, Russia (Siberian Region)Height : 6' (1.83 m)Weight : 130 lbs. (59 kg)Nationality : RussiaPlays : Right-handedCareer Prize Money : $23,800Best Known As : 17-year-old singles champion of Wimbledon 2004Maria Sharapova TriviaIn just 12 months Maria has become not only Wimbledon Champion & Winner of the WTA Tour Championships but the face of Women's tennis. With this she moves to a carrer high number 4 in the world rankings, also becomes the first champion from Russia & the only second player to win the title on her debut.Maria Sharapova Detailed Biography Sanex WTA Tour Singles Titles: 1Sanex WTA Tour Doubles Titles: 2Grand Slam Titles: 0ITF Women's Circuit Singles tTitles: 4 singlesCareer Win/Loss Record: 28-6

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Maria Sharapova and top-seed Dinara Safina are headed to the third round of the French Open after victories today. Sharapova, who is unseeded, knocked off No. 11 Nadia Petrova, while Safina cruised with an easy win over 18-year-old Russian Vitalia Diachenko.

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Oops. So we were a little premature in reporting Maria Sharapova’s newest outfits back in March. We’d hoped that the blue Nike dress would make a Miami debut. Instead Masha opted to wear Gator colors that week and waited until the French Open to parade this new outfit.
The dress — reminiscent of what Stella McCartney designed for Maria Kirilenko at last year’s Wimbledon — can be worn with the black leggings. And Masha did that for her first round match. But she chose to go bare for the second round (photo, left). Yowza!
Also, that embroidered visor is a nice touch.
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Maria Sharapova attended Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer block party. The event was a celebration for the Nike sportswear store in SoHo opening on Thursday night in New York City.Other celeb guests included Spike Lee, Nigel Sylvester, Tim McGurr, Dante Ross, Aaron Rose, Heron Preston, Kobayashi, Adam Weissman and the New Jersey Devil. With the whole Mercer Street shut down and re-created into a stadium setting, a few of the previously mentioned people had a hand in a 75 minute video zine which as featured on either sides of the doors as Marc Ronson DJ’ed.

naked maria sharapova oops
With the growing good relationship between Sony Ericsson and its ambassador: Maria Sharapova, they both work together again to make Sony Ericsson Maria Sharapova Design Collection. Consisting of two cases, a “party” bag and a wallet. Sony Ericsson designers say that Maria has helped in creating the collection and it represents her life on and off the court.IDC-31 Courtside Case is a phone case which can be attached to a backpack. IDC-32 Exercise Case is attached to the arm, when you use the phone to listen to music, while working out. IDC-33 Party Bag and IDC-34 Travel Wallet are just what their names say. Source is from PhoneArena.

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Mostly sunny and breezy with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s and low temperatures in the upper 60s.
Today’s wacky forecast: Serena Williams will easily win the Sony Ericsson Open, being held on Key Biscayne this week.
This will be despite the fact she devotes a lot of time to fashion design and her new jewelry line – rather than full attention to the demanding sport of tennis.
Er, wait a minute.
Maybe that wasn’t all that wacky. Serena is an adept multitasker. And she’s a proven champion.

Maybe a wackier forecast is that Maria Sharapova (who is bypassing the Sony because of an injury) will give up that grunt thing in favor of a giggle.
The giggle, in turn, will have a devastating psychological impact on her opponents, leaving them completely helpless.
Either that, or they’ll be to properly serve and volley.
Disclaimer: The “wacky forecast” features my own personal predictions, which sometimes wander outside the realm of weather – and, admittedly, are rarely correct.
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Maria Sharapova pulled out of this week's Sony Ericsson Open, but you can still meet Sharapova in South Florida.The three-time Grand Slam champion will make a personal appearance at Cole Haan in Village of Merrick Park on the first floor of Nordstrom in Coral Gables, Florida on Wednesday, March 25th from 2 to 3 p.m. Sharapova will meet and greet her fans and sign autographs. Sharapova is the face of Cole Haan Sporting, a new collection for spring 2009, rooted in sport and remixed with fashion.
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Maria Sharapova attended the premiere for 10,000 B.C. at the Chinese. It still cracks me up that all these photos of dolled-up celebs have the neon lights of Baja Fresh and Coffee Bean in the background. Only in Los Angeles, I guess. (In case you’re curious, the movie is about a prehistoric mammoth hunter trying to secure the future of his tribe. It stars Masha’s gal pal Camilla Bell.)
Thumbs up: Masha walked down the red carpet in a layered Lanvin dress, gold hoop earrings, and two-tone pumps. She looks good considering how much she’s traveled recently. WTB calculated that the jetsetting Russian has flown 48,237 miles in the last two months. Le sigh, we bloggers have too much time on our hands.
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In TV commercials for her sponsor, Canon, Maria Sharapova encourages viewers to “make every shot a power shot.”
A Maria Sharapova crotch shot probably isn’t what she meant.
The head of a Japanese ad agency secretly took crotch shots of the tennis icon as she posed for a Canon ad in 2005, according to a new federal lawsuit.
The gist? Toyo Shigeta, CEO of Dentsu Holdings, snapped the Maria Sharapova upskirt pictures to satisfy an obsession with women’s private parts, according to the suit filed by Dentsu’s former creative director, Steve Biegel.
Well, you know, to paraphrase one of the classic Seinfeld quotes, a woman’s body is like a work of art, while a man’s is like a Jeep - serving utility purposes only.
This Maria Sharapova crotch shot is not the one in question.
“Taking closeup crotch shots of women is a personal obsession of defendant Shigeta,” Steve Biegel says of the Maria Sharapova photos in his lawsuit.
Biegel, 44, said the company actually fired him after he complained about Shigeta’s propensity for pornographic picture taking.
Biegel also says he was forced to go to a bathhouse and a Prague brothel, where Shigeta urged the married Biegel to have sex with a prostitute.
And the alleged Maria Sharapova crotch shot? It’s attached as physical evidence to Biegel’s complaint, and labeled as Exhibit B.
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Sony Ericsson T707 will hit the market in the second quarter of 2009, in three color versions: Mysterious Black, Lucid Blue and Spring Rose. Its price was not announced.
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For fans of Maria Sharapova. Follow her matches, share news and opinions about her game. Sharapova is a two-time major champion with wins at Wimbledon (2004) and the US Open (2006). She was once ranked #1 in the world and is a threat
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Maria Sharapova of Russia plays a forehand in her match against Francesca Schiavone of Italy during day two of the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis tournament at Ariake Colosseum on September 28, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan

Best Superbowl Commercials 1989-2009

What’s the best Superbowl commercial ever? Reebok’s 2003 Terry Tate commercial, of course. But that’s not the focus of this list. We’re here to give you the best Superbowl commercial of the year, for the past 20 years. Needless to say, some years were better than others. See the proudest moments in Superbowl commercial history, year-by-year:

2009: Doritos “Crystal Ball”

This user-generated ad proves that clever simplicity can cut through even the biggest budgets.

2008: Budweiser “Hank the Clydesdale”

A dalmation trains the subpar Hank the Clydesdale into becoming a champion.

2007: Bud Light “First Bump”

Men bitchslapping one another plays on Bud Light’s girly-drink reputation.

2006: Michelob Ultra “Touch Football”

A man tackles a woman in a touch football game, making the world of light beer a little “darker.”

2005: Ameriquest “Cat Murder”

A man tries to impress his girlfriend by making her dinner, but fails miserably.

2004: Pepsi: Jimmy Hendrix Visits a Guitar Shop

A little kid chooses to drink Pepsi and grows up to be a guitar—rather than an accordion—rocker.

2003: Reebok “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker”

Reebok documents what happens when you sic Terry Tate on office peons.

2002: Budweiser “Whassup Wasabi”


2001: E*Trade Monkey Wanders Desolate .com Graveyard

The E*Trade monkey, first introduced a year earlier, sadly observes .com fallout.

2000: Electronic Data Systems “Herding Cats”

Hardcore cat herders get glorified in this funny bit.

1999: “When I Grow Up …”

Kids aspire to middle management with quotes like “When I grow up, I want to be underappreciated.”

1998: Tabasco “Mosquito”

A mosquito sucks Tabasco-laden blood, and meets a violent ending.

1997: Nissan Maxima Pigeons

Dive-bombing pigeons try to nail a Nissan Maxima, to no avail.

1996: Pepsi “Security Camera”

A Coke deliveryman tries to steal a Pepsi–and finds himself swimming in bottles of the drink.

1995: Budweiser “Frogs”

The first commercial in a series that became an instant classic.

1994: Pepsi Does Research on Cindy Crawford

A lack of Pepsi turns Cindy Crawford into Rodney Dangerfield.

1993: McDonald’s “The Showdown”

Michael Jordan competes with Larry Bird for a Big Mac.

1992: Nike Hare Jordan

A rough basketball posse yanks Bugs Bunny out of his hole, only to get themselves whupped on the court.

1991: Cindy Crawford Introduces the New Pepsi Can

Two kids gawk at Cindy Crawford as she walks out of a red Ferrari and gets a Pepsi.

1990: Coca Cola: Paula Abdul and Elton John Sing About Diet Coke

1990 wasn’t exactly a fabulous year for Superbowl commercials, so this catchy ditty will have to do.

1989: Bud Bowl II

Bud Light plays off against Budweiser in this hit commercial.

7 Strange Animals Bred for Business Purposes

Supersized bunnies, tiny cows, and frozen goats–they’re not just for children’s books anymore.

Breeders around the world covet certain animals for their economic potential. Some produce a lot of meat. Some are iridescent. Others fit well into small spaces.

Nevertheless, all of the animals featured below have two things in common. One, they have highly unusual attributes. Two, those very attributes make each a potentially lucrative business proposition:

7. Giant Guinea Pig

Cuy meat is lean, protein-packed, and versatile. Better yet, cuys, or guinea pigs, reproduce quickly, offering a steady supply of meat. One Lima official said that guinea pigs will feed a family of up to eight people for only USD $3.20. Peruvians eat about 65 million guinea pigs per year.

With meat in mind, scientists in Peru set out to supersize the cuy. 34 years after they came up with the idea, scientists introduced a giant cuy weighing about 2.2 lbs, twice the usual size. The guinea pigs were especially prized for export, allowing Peruvians living abroad to get a (big) taste of home.

6. Belgian Blue

Known as the Incredible Hulk cow, Monster cow, and Schwarzenegger cow, the Belgian Blue takes the world’s blue ribbon for buffness. The cow’s hereditary myostatin defect results in excessive muscle growth known as “double muscling.” As a result, the breed produces a large amount of lean beef, endearing it breeders looking to penetrate a health-conscious beef market—or just trying to look good with a stable full of manly cows.

5. Fainting Goat

Fainting goats are bred to fall over. A hereditary disorder, myotonia congenita, causes their muscles to freeze when they’re scared, often resulting in them collapsing on their sides. Their small size makes them ideal for small farms, where they won’t hop fences—or will scare themselves into collapsing when they try.

According to oral history, the fainting goat was a good asset protector. Handlers would keep them with other (more valuable) animals, like sheep. When a predator came around, the fainting goat would collapse, effectively sacrificing itself so that the other animals could safely run away.

4. German Giant

The German Giant, one of the biggest domestic rabbit breeds on Earth, can grow to the size of a dog. Breeders covet giant rabbits for their looks, their fur, and their meat.

Breeder Carl Szmolinsky produced Germany’s biggest rabbit in 2006. His win inspired North Korean officials to purchase twelve of Szmolinsky’s German Giants to start a food breeding program. The giant bunnies’ offspring would help alleviate North Korea’s endemic food shortages.

Szmolinsky was scheduled to fly into Pyongyang to help them establish the program. North Korean officials, however, canceled his visit. He suspects that government officials ate the rabbits. “North Korea won’t be getting anything from me any more,” the upset Szmolinsky told Spiegel in the interview..

3. Minicow

If supermarket beef is becoming too expensive, don’t fret. You can purchase your own German Shepherd-sized minicow for a few hundred dollars. It’s tiny, meaty and, best yet, fits in your backyard. Homesteaders can choose from Irish Dexter, Mini Hereford, or Lowline Angus cows, which the Times says produces 70% of the steak of a cow twice its size. All you need is a couple of acres of grass and a little fencing. In return, you get organic, grass-fed beef, sans hormones or slaughterhouse.

2. Jersey Giant

Why eat turkey when you can buy a giant chicken instead? That’s what 19th-century breeders John and Thomas Black were thinking when they introduced the Jersey Giant. The breed, originally crossbred from three other kinds of chickens, produces hens weighing an average of 11 lbs, and cocks of 13 lbs. The meat industry initially took to the idea, but then cast Jersey Giants aside because they don’t grow fast enough.

1. GloFish

Swim aside, goldfish. The Sunburst Orange ® GloFish ™ is genetically engineered to outshine you by miles. And unlike you, boring, traditional goldfish, the GloFish ™ also comes in Starfire Red and Electric Green.

These colorful zebrafish hold the dubious honor of being the world’s first genetically modified pet. In 1999, Singapore-based scientists inserted fluorescence proteins from coral and jellyfish into a zebrafish embryo, resulting in the GloFish’s luminescent qualities. The idea was to create a fish that would fluoresce when it came near toxins, allowing it to detect pollution.

In the US, Austin-based Yorktown Technologies licensed the GloFish—initially created in Singapore—for consumer sales. People continue to buy the dazzling danios, though GMO laws in Canada, and the EU ban people from possessing them.