How NOT to Hide Cocaine in Your Car

In the pictures you will find that the cocaine was hidden in the strangest of places. You will see that from the dashboard to the tyres, the drug dealers didn’t miss any possible place. You will also see that they were hidden in the axle and how difficult it must have been to find it there. It cannot be denied that a lot of thought must of gone into deciding the best place to hide the cocaine. Too bad the police proved to be smarter.

Cocaine was also found under the hood which the dealer must have assumed is a safe place to hide drugs. They haven’t even spared the car doors. It is hard not to be impressed by the police who thought of looking at the right places. This shows us that a police’s life is not all about arresting people and giving people tickets.

Guinea Pigs are Awesome

Ah, guinea pigs. They’re adorable little vitamin C deficient pets originated from Peru, where they were cultivated as a form of livestock that could be easily raised in urban environments. They were once commonly used as the subjects of scientific tests, then were used as a ’starter pet’ for children, and have now blossomed into the darlings of the Internet. G pigs are everywhere and while they’ll never usurp cats as the best thing, they’re still pretty darn awesome.

Guinea pig in a straw hat!

Guinea pig being raised by a distant relative, the capybara!

Guinea pig’s serious face!

Guinea pig I wish I had posted on valentine’s day!

Guinea pig with unkempt hair in the snow!

Guinea pigs homogenizing!

Guinea pig weighing 1.01 kg!

Guinea pig! Hay lapa no ya, guinea pig!

Guinea pig looking a lot like Kathy Bates!

Guinea pig munchin’ on some hay!

Guinea pigs at mardi gras!

Guinea pig SHOCKED and APPALLED!

Guinea pig inviting you to tango!

Guinea pig pile!

Guinea pig Internet junkie!

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