Whoever Thought of this is a Fucking Genius

Something Tells me that this Child is going to Grow up to be FABULOUS!

Isaac, age 7
Karratha, Western Australia (1995)

Here I am with my two brother's in the dustbowl mining town of Karratha, where the dirt is red and the people are predominantly white. Being one of the few ethnic people in town didn't bug me so much, I just assumed I was white like everyone else. Ah, the innocence of youth.

At this point in my life I lived a blissfully unaware gay lifestyle: Having all female friends, really REALLY liking Catwoman, and always trying on my friend's fake, plastic, high heeled shoes when I went to their house.

I actually didn't realize I was even close to being gay until my graduating year of high school, so this photo is one of those things I look at now and think to myself -- 'How did I NOT know?!'.

Whenever I have a party at my house or friends come over, they all see this photo and piss themselves laughing. I share a pretty similar sentiment - I mean look at me, I can't tell whether I'm posing or trying to hold in a pee.