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20 Creepy Things Found Inside Someone

By Amy Joines

You’d be amazed what some people have in their bodies. These bizarre but true stories cover everything from foreign bodies to biological to specimens to more than one piece of cutlery. Some are funny, while others are a bit grosser, but it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not eating as you dig into the list of creepy things found inside people’s bodies:

1. A plastic piece of fork was found in a man’s lung in North Carolina. The chunk of cheap cutlery still bore the Wendy’s logo from the trip the man had taken to the fast food establishment and during which he’d apparently eaten so quickly that he didn’t feel (or ignored?) the feeling of a shard of plastic sliding down his gullet. Two years of lung pain later, the fork was removed.

2. An Indian man lived his whole life with a big belly, but sudden pain atage 36 sent him rushing to the hospital, where the doctors opened him up to find a human fetus. It was the mutated body of the man’s twin, which he’d absorbed before birth but which had continued to dwell in his body. It’s a condition known as “fetus in fetu,” which I will let you Google on your lunch break at your peril.

3. Surgical instruments have been left behind in patients on many occasions, but even so, it was a shock for one Pittsburgh man wound up with a 10-inch retractor lodged in his abdomen. Even more worrisome: When the man complained of pains, doctors told him to see a psychiatrist instead of checking their pockets for missing tools.

4. A 10-pound ball of hair was found inside an 18-year-old woman’s stomach, a mass that had caused her to suffer drastic weight loss and vomiting after eating. The cause of the mass was the woman’s own bad habits: She had a habit of chewing on and eating her hair, which gradually accumulated in her gut.

5. A death row inmate in Amarillo was among a group of convicts found in November 2008 to be in possession of contraband cell phones. The inmate’s chosen hiding spot? His rectum. The phone was found thanks to an X-ray scan.

6. In 2008, surgeons in Bangladesh removed a tumor from a 35-year-old man’s abdomen that weighed — wait for it — 95 pounds. The growth was the size of four watermelons and had been growing for at least four years, and had “huge” blood vessels attached.

7. A Japanese man checked into the hospital complaining of stomach pain, and surgeons thought they’d found a tumor in the man’s abdomen. Wrong: It was a surgical towel that had been left inside the man 25 years earlier when he underwent surgery for a minor ulcer. He’d had the cloth inside his body for a quarter century.

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