Top 10 Things People Say While Playing COD:Modern Warfare 2

According to a recent study, almost 9 percent of gamers are pathologically or clinically "addicted" to playing video games. The good news is that forty-three percent of all video game players are actually women and women over the age of 18 represent twenty-eight percent of those lovely ladies. This means there is hope for all men out there that they can one day find an attractive woman who loves to spend an entire weekend playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 while eating nothing but spaghetti and jalapeno poppers.

#10 Are You F*cking Kidding Me? - This expression is something a MW2 player usually says when they're either killed by a random grenade launcher or claymore.

#9 Oh My F*cking God!!! - This common COD phrase is usually the result of someone being killed multiple times in a row, and usually by the same player.

#8 Get The F*ck Out Of My Way You F*cking Dipsh*t! - This catchphrase is extremely useful when a player respawns and is trapped behind a player that won't move. It is also used when somebody is blocking a doorway or moving too slow.

#7 What The F*ck Ever! - Players often say this after deaths that don't seem to make sense at the time which means they were probably killed by a sniper or a random respawn death.

#6 F*ck You, You F*cking Little B*tch! - This verbiage is often used when a player is killed multiple times by the same player, but it is also used after finally killing a player that has killed you multiple times.

#5 What The F*ck Was That! - This is the most common MW2 response to being killed by a throwing knife or a C4 explosive.

#4 F*cking Sniper/Shotgun/Claymore/Tactical Knife B*itch! - There are certain weapons in MW2 that are really annoying to be killed by. If a player kills you with one of these weapons, they are the name of that weapon and a b*itch.

#3 That Is Such F*cking Bullshit! - I find that this reamark is used universally throughout the game for pretty much anytime a player dies for any reason whatsoever.

#2 F*cking You You F*cking Noob Tubing Piece Of Sh*t! - MW2 players frequently use this expression to desribe the frustration of dying from a Noob that is only using a grenade launcher.

#1 What A F*cking Camper F*g! - Campers are the pussies, I mean players who always hide in corners, inside buildings and on rooftops while they're lying on the ground surrounded by claymores. To all of your campers out there, and you know who you are, I sincerely hope some random stranger doesn't accidentally pour acid on your genitals one day and set your car on fire for no reason whatsoever. Wait, I mean I "do" hope these things happen to you. Sorry about that, my mistake.

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