The Top 5 Healing Juices for Diabetics

Certain drinks have a tendency to be so healthy for you that they can almost be called "healing juices". This is especially true in the realm of diabetics, where drinks can play a vital role in maintaining and controlling blood sugar levels. Which drinks should you pay attention to, and why? Well, stay tuned to find out!

1) Milk

  Yes,milk is not a juice, but it is a drink, and it does help with health. Therefore, milk will be included in this list. Milk will not lower your blood sugar directly, but it can help you maintain a particular level of blood sugar for longer. Milk causes blood sugar to change more slowly, which can be bad if your blood sugar is still volatile and it does spike, as milk can cause it to take a longer time to come back down to normal levels. There are other benefits to milk, though, since it carries a number of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for balancing your diet and improving your immune system as well.

2) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has an effect on your digestive system more than anything else. Many diabetics have a lower amount of stomach acid than others, and the acid in lemon juice can help counteract that deficiency. The result is that food is processed at a different rate, and that can effect blood sugar. However, the effects are relatively small, and you probably won't notice a difference if your blood sugar level is volatile.

3) Noni Juice

Noni juice is another one of those healing juices that don't directly lower blood sugar. However, if your diabetes is caused by an autoimmune problem, Noni fruit will improve your immune system and possibly help to indirectly lower your blood sugar. More than that, though, noni juice seems to be able to help heal some of the secondary effects of diabetes. It can help fend off infections and help slow the aging and deterioration of your cells, which bumps this juice a little above lemon juice.

4) Blueberry Juice

Blueberry juice greatly helps kidney health, which is good because kidney disease can worsen the effects of diabetes. It also helps keep out infections in your urinary tract, which is certainly a plus. The downside of blueberry juice is that it's hard to find pure blueberry juice, or even blueberry based supplements. You could go straight for the blueberry itself if you can't find anything else, though. It also has a few vitamins and minerals that cranberry juice does not, though these are in very small quantities.

5) Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is very similar to blueberry juice, but it is more effective at the central effect, preventing kidney and bladder disease. It is lacking a few vitamins and minerals that blueberry juice has, but sometimes it's better to specialize in one thing and do it better, which is what cranberry juice does. Since kidney problems and diabetes are closely linked, the best juice for preventing kidney problems becomes the best healing juice for diabetics.

  In all honesty, a carefully selected combination of the above is probably the best way to go. Be careful, though, as products advertised as juices are often only partially juice, and they often have added sugar. Avoid these, and the added sugar and the low concentration of actual juice often negates any health benefits they provide.  

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