Five Reasons Why You Must Go to Sleep Early

1 Going to Sleep Early is Very Important for the Liver’s Health

37 years old doctor from National Taiwan Hospital shocked his colleagues since he was diagnosed having a liver cancer although he always does laboratorial test (GOT, GPT and Liver Function Index). Despite that the doctor diligently does the test, there is a possibility that the disease is undetected. There is no better way to avoid the liver disease rather than preventing the disease as early as possible. And sleep is essential thing we must do to prevent liver disease as from 11.00pm till 01.00am, de-toxification process in our livers occur. This process will be optimal when we are sleeping deeply. Sleeping early and help you liver works well.

2 Going to Sleep Early is Good for Our Antibody System

Researches have shown that, when healthy people miss sleeping early their body will susceptible to infection. This is because at 9.00pm till 11.00pm de-toxification process in our lymph gland is occurring. This process must happen in calm situation. If someone still works during 9.00pm till 11.00 continuously, it will bring negative impact to his/her health. That’s why the research also shows that every hour of sleep we get before midnight is twice as beneficial as the hours after midnight.

3 Going to Sleep Early is Good for the Metabolism

There are some persons who have habit sleep too late after midnight and wake up too late till afternoon. They think it is all right as long as their sleeping duration is fulfilled. This thing will disorganize the exile of useless substances from our body. Our ability to sustain exertion is as vital to our health as what we eat and drink.

4 Breakfast is Essential to Our Health

In the morning, from 7.00am till 09.00 our intestines absorb nutrient from food. This means we must have breakfast. Research shows that for the sick people it is better to have breakfast before 06.30am. Breakfast is essential to our health. For they who cannot wake up early, it is good to have breakfast at 09.00 till 10.00am rather than not having breakfast at all. And very practically speaking, in order to be able to rise early in the morning to have breakfast, we have to get to bed early.

5 Getting to Bed Too Late Will Have a Negative Impact on Our Performance

There is no substitute for night sleep. Some people take a nap in the afternoon. It still cannot substitute the benefits we get when we sleep at night. Without enough sleeping in the night we lose our ability to concentrate and make complex decisions. Sufficient sleep at night is the foremost factor in a person’s ability to sustain a high performance level, cope with stress, and feel a sense of satisfaction in life. Getting enough sleep directly impacts our moods and emotions, our ability to think creatively and respond quickly.

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