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For all car manufacturers, the concept car usually foreshadows the next stylistic direction of the brand. The companies which follow the most the ideas from their concept car are Ford and Toyota. As we have seen recently in the Paris and with the Iosis Auris. At exhibitions, the concept car is a dream for the visitor. It shows all the potential and know-how of a manufacturer. The most surprising concept cars sometimes come from generalists car companies who love to try stylistic delusions. While these vehicles are innovative and aesthetically out of the ordinary, they are generally impractical. We were able to take a leap in the future in recent years with Citroen and its C-Métisse or C-buggy, Renault and Nepta or Talisman, and Peugeot and its H20 and Prometheus. But beware this technology showcase is not only to look pretty. Several elements and details can be found on the currently sold models. These include the roof system from the Epure taken from the 207 CC or from the equipment of the Fiat 4×4 Cross alleging concept Simba.

Despite this excellent exercise of style, the concept car can be used to mask the poverty of some manufacturers in desperate need for successful innovation car models. For example, C-Métisse Citroen, Peugeot 908 RC, Nepta Renault, Mazda Hakaze, Saab Aero X, Nissan Urge … These models will unfortunately never be marketed. Lately, the big trend is ecology. Fuel cells, biofuels, electricity, hydrogen, and so on. Manufacturers submit designs for clean vehicles, but we rarely hear of a production unit being built. Just like the Peugeot 207 and Epure, the concept X Toyota Hybrid, the Honda Sports Concept Small Hybrid or the Chevrolet Volt Concept. Kind as a smokescreen to give good conscience to the car companies who try to please elected officials and environmental activists.
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