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Get It Right! Clarification Corner 3

Get it right! Michael Cera is a comedic TV and movie actor known for his roles in Arrested Development and Superbad. John Cena is a 4-time World Champion professional wrestler for the WWE.

Michael Cera is known for his roles as goofy, awkward teenagers. John Cena is known for his signature "You Can't See Me!" taunt and his slogan "Word Life (???!??!?!?!?!?)."

Michael Cera has typically played opposite cute, quirky girls in movies that are SO INDIE, that their titles are HAND LETTERED. John Cena has occasionally been photographed doing some bizarro drunk shit with his girlfriend:

Michael Cera sang with Ellen Page in the movie Juno:

Uh, John Cena sometimes raps:

Last year, Michael Cera won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Actor for Superbad. John Cena has often declared himself "The Doctor of Thuganomics."

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