Ways to Guarantee Your Lemons Are Clean

With These Tips, There is No Need to Hold the Lemons from Your Restaurant Beverages

Are you one of those restaurant consumers who loves to ask for lemon with your cold beverages at a restaurant? Nationwide alerts have been popping up everywhere regarding 'contaminated' lemons added to your restaurant beverages. Of course, we all want to have clean food. Yet, when eating out, you never know what may have been added to your meal and beverages. It's almost impossible in the world today to cook homemade meals daily. Most of us have to eat out regularly to maintain our schedules. So, what do you do when you want lemons, but cringe from the thought of what could be on them?

Ask Your Server For A Cup Of Boiling Hot Water

Not only is the hot water beneficial for cleaning your lemons, you can also dip your utensils in it also for quick sanitizing. When the server has gotten your order, make sure and ask for a cup or glass of boiling hot water. Some servers are a little confused when receiving this request, but will comply. When the water arrives, drop your lemons in the water. Allow them to rest for a few seconds before removing and squeezing the juice or placing the wedge in your beverage. The hot water will kill any and all foreign critters roaming around on your lemon. Years ago it was not unusual to have a server provide a 'finger' bowl alongside your plate when delivering your meal. Today, a finger bowl is one of those items that most look at you bewildered and ask, "A What?" Some of the finer restaurant establishments in city's like California or New York provide a finger bowl with every meal.

Ask The Server To Serve Your Lemons In A Separate Dish

If lemons are something you just cannot give up on when visiting your favorite restaurant, ask the server to provide your lemons in a separate dish. Just as patrons often ask for their salad dressing or Olive oil on the side, so can you request lemons on the side. When lemons are served on the side, they will not contaminate the glass or the liquid beverage. There would be no need to ask for the boiling water if you allow the server to add the lemon to the glass or cup. Contaminants such as bacteria continuously divide and multiply. Make sure when asking for the hot water, you also request lemons on the side. 

Now remember, some servers may have problem with this or they may question why. If so, you know this is not a restaurant you want to patronize. Then, on the other hand, if you find the server resistant, just leave a tip directly reflective of the service received.

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