How to Stop a Cough with Honey: A Cheap and Easy Cough Suppressant

Honey Isn't in Cough Syrup Brands like Robitussin for Nothing, it Actually Does Stop a Cough

 Honey is a powerful cough suppressant, and just as effective as many over-the-counter cough suppressants but a lot more natural. If you or your child has a cough you just can't shake, instead of reaching for a bottle of cough medicine, the next time try one of these honey cough suppressant recipes. You might be surprised.

1 Butter, Honey and Vinegar - An old British recipe is butter, honey and vinegar. Yes, it sounds disgusting  but there's a reason why it works. The butter soothes the throat, the honey is a cough suppressant and vinegar is a known antiseptic. 

To make it, simply cut a small pat of butter and put on a plate. Add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of vinegar and mix together to form a paste. Then eat. 

2 Honey in Green Tea - Another wonderful cough suppressant is a tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot green tea. The honey acts to stop the cough and the green tea gives you necessary vitamins while kick-starting your immune system, causing it to kick out the cold virus faster. Simply add a tablespoon of honey to a mug of hot green tea, mix and sip. Repeat later if necessary.

3 Honey in Lemon and Hot Water - Another excellent old-fashioned-but-it-works British cough suppressant is honey mixed together with lemon juice and hot water. The lemon juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C and the hot water causes you to sweat, thus getting rid of the virus that much faster. Pour hot water into a mug, stir in the juice of half a fresh lemon and add at 1-2 teaspoons of honey. Sip.

Honey has been proven over and over to be wonderfully effective at not only stopping a cough, but also causing the person who's sick to get a better night's sleep, as they're not up all night couging.

Next time you have a cough, reach for the honey jar. It's a cheap cough suppressant, completely natural and it works.

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