Rejuvenate Your Bedroom And Sleep Better

The energy in your bedroom and everything in it, needs to feel deeply calming and nurturing to all your senses. It is a sacred space that’s sole purpose is to rest, repair and rejuvenate you. It is the most intimate space you have.

Your bedroom is not a multi purpose room. It is not your office. It is not an exercise room. And it is certainly not a storage room.

Rejuvenate your bedrooms energy and sleep better:

Identifying the energy suckers and energy stimulator in your bedroom is the first step towards rejuvenating its energy. Eliminate the toxic energy, remove the overstimulating, then infuse with a good dose of yin energy which is peaceful, gentle and calming.

1. Remove everything from under your bed:

Clutter is dead, stagnant, toxic energy that adds no value whatsoever to your life. In fact is very draining. In Feng Shui there is a belief that clutter stored under your bed represents sleeping on old unresolved issues. Remove everything from under your bed now.

2. Clear the emotional clutter:

There is nothing healthy nor helpful about clutter. Stuff that is unused, unwanted, unloved or broken is clutter and will deplete the energy in any space.

3. Eliminate anything electrical:

Rejuvenate the energy your bedroom by choosing to make it an electrical free zone. The radiation emitted from electrical things is harmful. The closer they are to your body and head the greater interference they cause to your overall health and well-being.

Remove as many electrical items as you can. Switch to a battery operated clock. Turn all electrical things off at the wall when not in use. Do not have anything electrical within arms reach of your head at night. This means no re-charging of phones and ipods on your beside table.

4. Avoid sleeping near the power box:

If your bed head adjoins the wall that houses the power box for your home then move your bed. There have been too many research articles over the past 20 years suggesting ill health was caused by sleeping in close range to the power box.

5. Calm the energy down:

Remove pictures, colours and things which could over stimulate your nervous system or mind. Even too many books beside your bed can block deep rest. Mirrors are a great one for over stimulating a bedrooms energy. Cover your mirrors at night and see if you notice a difference.

Exercise equipment, computers, TV and work papers are a definite no, no. Your bedroom is not a multi purpose room. The more stimulating things you can remove from your bedroom the better chance you have of making the space calmer and ultimately more rejuvenating.

6. Check for sharp pointed corners from your beside table:

 Sharp pointed corners aimed at the body cause the energy to rush and pierce or dent our auric fields. Eventually an ache or pain will surface directly in alignment with the flow of the sharp pointed corner. To remedy cover or turn the beside table slightly away from aiming at your body.

7. Know the history of your mattress:

If your mattress has a happy history great. If your mattresses has a sad, upsetting or distressing history then I would strongly suggest getting a new mattress. No one needs to be sleeping on a field of energy that is not conducive to rejuvenation.

Cleanse your mattress periodically by sprinkling it with rock salt and leave for at least 5 hours. Just like the ocean, sea salt and rock salt absorb negative energies.

Latex mattresses are the way to go.

8. Love your bedding and nourish your senses:

The touch, smell, visual appearance of your bedding interacts with your senses. Make sure you have the bedding which you absolutely love. Natural fiber is better and of course organic is even better again. Even put a few drops of the essential oil lavender (or oil of your choice) into your final wash cycle. It leaves your sheets smelling yummy.

9. Infuse your bedroom with calm energy:

Playing relaxing music ( even when you are not in your bedroom ), will add a very peaceful atmosphere to your bedroom. The more you do it, the more peaceful it will become. Burning essentials oils about an hour before you go to bed is a wonderful way to calm your nervous system and nourish your senses.

Candles, salt crystal lamps, natural incense, essential oils, space clearing sprays and crystals all wonderful ways to clear negative energy and add peaceful vibes to your bedroom or any room.

1o. Add happiness to your bedside table:

What you see last thing before you go to bed and first thing in the morning leaves an impression in your being. In most cases its probably your beside table.

Lets make sure the beside table offers rejuvenation to you in the form of either images such as a buddha, photo of happy holiday, perhaps your favourite affirmation card, crystals that you know and love, candles, oil burner. In other words whatever rocks your world with uplifting thoughts have on your beside table.

Avoid mobile phones, chargers, too many books all calling for your attention at once or anything else that may take your mind away from rest and rejuvenation.

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