3 Profound Health Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

1) More Hydrating Than Regular Water

The process of ionization in a water ionizer consists of charging the water electrically as it is being filtered. This charge "ionizes" the water molecules and gives them each an extra electron. The ionization process also changes the shape and size of the water molecule clusters. They become more compact and hexagonal in shape. This new configuration gives the newly enhanced water molecules the ability to more easily penetrate the body's tissues. This ability makes alkaline water up to six times more hydrating than regular bottled or tap water.

2) Helps Reduce Hypertension

One of the characteristics of the condition of hypertension or high blood pressure is that not enough oxygen is received by the body's organs and tissues. This can cause long term damage to such organs. Having more oxygen than carbon dioxide in the blood lowers the pH of the blood as well as the overall blood pressure. The newly structured water molecules of Ionized water helps to increase your blood's oxygen levels and also helps to lower the blood pressure and balancing your overall body's pH level. Remember the structure aspect of the water molecules that make the water more hydrating? Well this same aspect also makes ionized alkaline water even more oxygenating.

3) Helps in Maintaining Appropriate Weight

Obesity is a huge problem in the United States, and it has been proven obvious that diets do not really work. In the case of Americans, the problem stems mainly from bad nutrition and overeating. The foods that most people consume in America are in essence highly acidic and sometimes toxic to the human body. These include high amounts of refined sugar, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, and red meats.The acidic foods of your diet should be balanced with non-acidic or "basic" foods. So why do acidic foods help increase your weight?

When the pH of a human body reaches high acidic levels, the body naturally protects the organs by creating fat around them. Toxins in the body also contribute to the weight gain. Many things are affected at the same time by drinking ionized alkaline water. Alkaline ionized water helps to maintain a lower body pH, making it easier to lose weight. The ionized alkaline water molecules also help to flush out toxins from your tissues in turn helping your organs function better, increasing your metabolism.

Now remember, not only do you have to be concerned with the type of foods you eat, you also have to be conscious of the acidity of these foods and also the amounts in terms of calories of how much you eat.

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