10 Illnesses You Can Cure or Prevent with Chocolate

Here are 10 illnesses you can cure or prevent with chocolate:

  • High Blood Pressure
    Chocolate and cocoa contain flavanols, which have both antioxidant qualities and heart-healthy qualities. One of the vascular benefits of eating flavanols is lowering blood pressure.

  • High Cholesterol
    When consuming chocolate, you’re ingesting flavanoids which have major antioxidant power known to lower the bad kind of cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol. Oxidized LDL-cholesterol damages the arteries and can increase your chances of heart disease or heart attack.

  • Liver Disease
    Liver disease patients can snack on chocolate because its antioxidant-rich compounds have been found to reduce high blood pressure in the liver and reduce damage to liver blood vessels.

  • Diabetes
    Eating dark chocolate in moderation has been found to improve processing of blood sugar, which may reduce the risk of diabetes.

  • Stress
    Chocolate has mood enhancing qualities, as well as stress-busting benefits. Experts have found that chocolate may the ticket to reducing levels of unwanted stress hormones, resulting in happier, healthier people.

  • Coughs
    Got a persistent cough? Experts have found that theobromine, a compound found in cocoa, can reduce a cough, by affecting the sensory nerve endings of the vagus nerve that run through the airways in the lungs.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Instead of drinking a soda or coffee when you feel fatigued, eat a square of chocolate to boost your energy level. In small doses, the caffeine in chocolate will give you a healthy jolt of energy to prevent chronic fatigue.

  • Blood Clots
    Those who eat chocolate have been found to have slower clumping of blood platelets, which aids in the prevention of blood clots that can cause a heart attack.

  • Stroke
    The flavanol compound found in chocolate, called epicatechin, has been found to guard against the damage of a stroke.

  • Cancer
    While chocolate isn’t going to cure cancer, it may have preventative benefits like reducing cell damage that can cause tumor growth.

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