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November 2006 Mr. Bishop wrote that Michelle Wie is “…a sideshow, and an insult to terrific female player…”in his blog. He was referring to the fact that Wie up until that time had not won anything in the LPGA. He ignored the fact that in 2005 she did place second in the LGPA championship and tie third in several in 2005 and 2006. But I forgave Bishop because two is not a winner and three no one remembers. For the record this is the second time Wie was disqualified from an LPGA Tour event.

Why was she disqualified? Wie who was at the top of her game had forgot to do something as simple as sign her name on her score card. She broke her own routine and forgot to sign the score card.

What lesson have I learned from Michelle Wie? Keep your head in the game because it does not matter how much press you get, or how pretty everyone tells you are – what matters in the long run is finishing and winning.

As for Mike Bishop blog to be honest I really like and I find most of his blog interesting in a positive way.
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