38 Awesome Artworks Created By Marco Escobedo

Marco Escobedo is a ILLUSTRATOR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER / PERU. He studies: Art workshop Drew and Painting of Federico Esquerre, Web design National University of Engineering, Center of Professional Studies:Higher institute of Learning of Art and Design "ORVAL". From very small he was always interested in all that had to do with the drawing and the painting, so, more than a practice,the fact of drawing, was for me the whole passion that was growing as one is observing the works of many artists, for it, in the beginning, He thought that His career should be the painting.

He realized some studies on it in several workshops like a way of penetrating into depth in his field, although He is not a specialist in it, Learned very much in his steps along these places. Then something would call to a great extent his attention, He refer to the Graphic design and all his characteristics that Marco Escobedo already sure many know, but the biggest difference was the shining revenue that began to reach the technology in these moments, there were appearing programs like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator and at present we see the increase of new programs of animation, web design, anyway, every day appears a new program that it does not stop surprising them.... If you know to know more about Marco Escobedo, you can visit http://marcoescobedo.com/.

These are his Awesome Artworks:

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