Creative Advertising on Buildings

Clever uses of buildings in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Pantene Shampoo Building Ad

To demonstrate Pantene’s claim of “Really Strong Hair”, climbers climbed the oversized ponytails attached to a building in Toronto.

Anando Milk Building Advertisement

Considering that every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to encourage kids to drink more milk by exaggerating the benefits of milk.

Allstate Building Advertisement

To promote Allstate auto insurance, an actual car was hanging on the edge of the parking garage in Marina Towers, a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago.

Axe Building Advertisement

Female dormitory was decorated in the shape of a calendar to demonstrate that a new female can be met on a daily basis.

Vodafone Building Advertisement

BBH London has created this cool ad outside Heathrow Terminal 1. The ad fits in with Vodafone’s strategy of “Make the most of now”.

MBC ACTION TV Channel Building Ad

Stickers were placed on office buildings, giving the illusion of someone who has run through the wall to escape boredom.

Havaianas Building Advertisement

Clever building advertising promoting Havaianas sandals in New York.

GTA IV Building Advertisement

Gigantic advertisement promoting Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV.

Powerful Fan Building Advertisement

Clever advertisement was placed behind Shanghai Haitong building to promote new powerful electric fan by Midea.

Nike Building Advertisement

Giant ball stuck on the side of a building promotes the World Cup.

Powerhouse Gym Building Advertisement

Creative advertisement campaign by Powerhouse Gym gives the impression that a body builder is lifting heavy weights from the construction site.

LEGO Building Advertisement

LEGO advertising in Chile made to match the panels of the building.

Nike Building Advertisement

The first building has a cracked image in the shape of the running man, the second building has the actual Nike ad, creating the illusion that the runner run through the first building.

Coops Paint Building Advertisement

Yellow paint was dripping off the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, Ohio promoting Coop’s paint.

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