Life, death and money of mafia in the Congo

This story has shocked the whole world.
9 gorillas were killed in the eastern Congo in one week. One of them was a female gorilla in late pregnancy.
Animals were killed for no apparent reason, obviously not for being eaten.
Even though poaching is flourishing in the country, this time it had nothing to do with animal trafficking.
There are not enough rangers in the National Park, inhabited by many rare species of animals.
600 people are working there now who have not been paid for years; they don’t have enough weapons.
What can 600 people do against an 8,000 well-equipped army of local influential general? Nothing.
The basic version of gorilla killings is that, the interests of the coal mafia of the Congo have been affected whose revenues are about $ 30,000,000 per year.
This mafia is interested in cutting down tropical forests and when someone gets in the way, they “deal” with it.
There are only about 600 mountain gorillas in the world.
These are very sad pictures showing the everyday life of the Congo inhabitants.
PS. Ordinary people are shown in the first photos, they don’t kill, but bury the dead gorillas.

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