Creative Advertising on Columns

Creative uses of columns, poles and pillars in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Anti Smoking Column Advertisement

Regular advertising columns in Germany were turned into giant stubbed out cigarettes to encourage smokers to quit smoking.

Global Coalition for Peace Column Ad

Creative posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to Global Coalition for Peace website.

McDonald’s Column Advertisement

This is a standard Danish advertising column. The top of the advertising column has not been modified. Nothing was added but the poster. “Shelter served at McDonald’s”.

Greenpeace Column Advertisement

Advertising pillars were turned into giant medical syringes. “There’s no better medicine for the environment than your contribution”.

Ice Age Column Advertisement

Creative ad column promotes Ice Age 2: The Meltdown animated movie.

Sci-Fi Channel Column Advertisement

“UFO invasion” advertising column promotes Sci-Fi TV channel.

Fiat Pillar Advertisement

Stickers were attached to damaged pillars at parking lots. “Save the pillars. Fiat Stilo with parking sensor”.

Toys “R” Us Column Advertisement

Clever advertising column promotes the Toys “R” Us inflatable beach toy collection.

Dulcolax Column Advertisement

Ordinary advertising columns were turned into giant toilet paper rolls in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Heineken Column Advertisement

Clever Heineken beer column advertisement from Switzerland reminds us not to drink and drive.

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