Weird Cargo at the New York Airport (40 pics)

Photographer Taryn Simon spent 5 days taking pictures of cargo seized or detained from express mail and passengers entering the USA from abroad at Kennedy airport. Here is a selection of the most unusual things people were trying to smuggle into the United States.

"Lost" DVDs

Lard, Ukraine

U.S. Currency

Gold Dust, India

Mixed Fruits, Africa

Watches, China

Pigeon Medicine, South Africa

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Deer Penis, Asia

Guinea Pigs, Ecuador

Unidentified White Powder

Chicken Feet

Insect Larvae, India

Mixed Jewelry

Steroids, Pakistan


Unidentified Mammal, Indonesia

Sugar Cane, Jamaica

Unknown Meat

Oxalis Tuberosa, Peru

Broom Corn, India

Unidentified Liquid

Pharmaceutical Pills, Pakistan

Viagra, China

Dry Khat, Kenya

South African Cycad

African Mask

Hydrocodone, India

Nesting Dolls

Cow-Dung Toothpaste, India

Piper Leaves

Heroin, India

Gemstones, Sri Lanka

Cow-Hoof Bottle, Europe

Cuban Cigars

Beef, Argentina

Date-Rape Drug, Poland

Pitcher of Salami, Eastern Europe

Bird Corpse, Indonesia

Money Orders

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