Top 11 ways to cut back on sugar in your diet

  • Don’t add sugar to foods- Skip them in your coffee, tea, milk and also to your breakfast cereals. Easiest way to reduce sugar intake.
  • Prepare foods using less sugar-Gradually start reducing the sugar in the recipes slowly, hence you will be able to adapt to the change slowly.
  • Limit your intake of fruits with high sugar- fruits like mango, banana, chickoo, grapes etc contain a lot of carbohydrates aka sugar.
  • Avoid fruit juices and colas- Packed with high sugar and less fiber and poor in other nutrients.
  • Avoid sweets- Candy, cakes, biscuits etc pack on a lot of sugar.
  • Avoid canned fruits-The sugar used for its preservation is the culprit. Better to buy fruits fresh or preserved in its own juices or simply drain the syrup.
  • Fool proof your self from healthy sugars- There are no “healthy sugars”. Honey, jaggery, brown sugar are all sugar for the body.
  • Read labels- Sugar is hidden with chemical names.
  • Processed foods- Eliminate snacks such as white breads, pastas and others with refined flours. These will increase the triglyceride levels too.
  • Watch out for fat free food- These foods have less fat and more sugar to retain the taste.
  • Skip artificial sweeteners- They in fact increase the sugar cravings. These foods will have to keep the high fat content intake to keep the taste buds peaked. They deplete chromium which actually helps in blood-sugar metabolism.

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