The Proposal in the Park in the Rain

It broke a record that day, the most rain to fall in Central Park for that day, I think it was 5.5 inches, and it felt like I absorbed most of it.

After watching the ducks for a while a couple came strolling down the walkway, hand in hand:

Only to stop on top of Bow Bridge. He held her hand, kissed her, and talked for a few minutes:

And then it happened:

She was shocked, let out a scream, and forgot that she was holding on to an umbrella:

They held, and kissed, and said sweet nothings to each other. They were on cloud nine!

And then it sank in:

A few more minutes past to regain composure, and then he introduced us. We gave our congratulations, provided some dry tissues and smiles. A brief stroll through the park followed as we all walked back to the streets to get our cabs, but along the way we stopped for a photo or two to take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere only a rainy day can provide:

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