Top 10 Ways to Tone Up in Front of the Computer

10. Abdominal twists:

Pick up that water bottle and hold it up to your chest (the bottle should be held horizontally, one hand around each end). Keeping your arms in this position, twist your body to one side (turning only as far as is comfortable for your back). You should feel your abs contract. Then slowly twist to the other side. Do two sets of eight.

9. Water bottle "Thighmasters":

Get that water bottle out again (or use an empty coffee cup or something similar). Sit up straight, tighten your abdominal muscles, and place the water bottle between your knees. Squeeze, then half-release, then squeeze again. Do two sets of eight reps, or more if you can.

8. Desk dancing:

Got a private office or simply don't care who's watching? Put on your iPod and do some dancing at your desk! If you keep at it, shifting and bouncing on your chair can burn a surprising number of calories. Oh, and it's fun, too.

7. Kegels:

Okay, so doing kegel contractions at your desk isn't going to change how you look of the outside... but it will change how you feel on the inside. For women, tightening and loosening the muscles of the vagina makes their insides tighter, and also gives you more control over your sexual pleasure. For men, tightening those interior muscles (pretend like you're trying to stop peeing) can give you more control over ejaculation.

6. Calf Raises:

This is another that can be done underneath your desk and away from sight. Sit with your feet flat on the floor with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Lift your heels until the weight of your legs is on the balls of your feet (you should feel your calf muscles tighten). Lower and repeat.

5. Glute squeezes:

Leg extensions work your glutes, but simply tightening your butt does, too. Squeeze your glutes together and hold them for about 30 seconds. Then release and tighten them again. Do this off and on throughout the day for a to-die-for behind.

4. Tummy tightening:

Your abs are one of those places that it's impossible to work too much. And it's easy to work them while reading a memo or surfing an internet dating site. One way is with isometric contractions. To do these, simply tighten your abdominal muscles for 30 seconds, then release them. Repeat until you get bored or tired-- it's almost impossible to do too much.

3. Leg extensions:

This one's simple, and is done entirely under your desk (meaning nobody will notice you doing them). Sitting up straight with your abs flexed, slowly extend your legs out in front of you until they're fully straight. Hold for a count of 5 (squeezing your glutes), then lower. Do one to two sets of eight.

2. Water-bottle bicep curls:

You know that bottle of water always sitting on your desk? It's also a weight! Sit up straight with your abs tight. Take the bottle in your hand and do a bicep curl, bringing your fist to your shoulder. Repeat. Do two sets of eight, then switch to the other side.

1. Seated squats:

This is one of the most effective exercises for you to do at work... because you work your whole lower body without ever having to walk away from your desk. To do these chair squats, start in a seated position at your desk chair. Then lift (as if you're about to get up) and hover over your chair, your arms straight out in front of you. Hold it for a couple of seconds, then stand. Sit and repeat. Do two sets of eight.

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