111 Habits – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Eating habits

1. Take food in small amount – Food must not be dumped in stomach unnecessarily; one must have food in small quantities. which helps in proper breaking down and digestion, overeating is one of the most prominent that lead to obesity I.e.; being overweight ,heart diseases or many digestion related problems. So as to be fit and healthy the food intake must be in small amounts.

2. Binge eating – Binge eating is generally an overeating habit that emerges due to either stressful or bad emotional state. Binge eaters are more prone to health risks such as insomnia, thoughts for suicide or diseases such as heart problems and obesity is most common symptom in them leading to many health issues.

3. Do you love junk food? – You must be aware that junk food leads to obesity. So here’s one shocking news for you according to a recent research it has been concluded that our brain’s ability to process information reduces due to junk food. So the child who eats junk food more frequent than normal performs below average in their studies.

4. break your fast – Breakfast means breaking of fast after a long sleep .after which our body gets deprived of energy and nutrients , it gets really important to have breakfast to perform the daily activity .skipping of the breakfast can lead to long time after effects on health.

5. Caffeine and calcium – Most of you must not be aware of the fact that excess caffeine intake can lead to brittle bones due to excretion of calcium from our bodies. Hence we can say that coffee intake is not only responsible for central nervous system, adrenal glands, heart or kidneys but also for week bones easily prone to fractures.

6. Eating posture – We should be really careful about our body postures during and after having food, as it may lead to improper digestion of food leading to constipations and stress on the stomach.

7. Watch your food – It is important to keep a check on what and how much we are eating while watching TV. As according to a study we end up eating 25% percent more than of what our normal diet is and more than our hunger as while eating we don’t realize how satiated we are.

8. Are you too sweet to your health? – People who are more into eating more of sugar and sweets don’t realize that sugar just provides us with “sugar highs” which is an instant energy that doesn’t lasts for long, Instead leading to exhaustion later on. And hence, results in extra fat if this sugar not used properly.

9. It’s all about the fizz – Too much taking of aerated drinks may be one of the ways to beat the heat, as these drinks are just calories, it is in no ways good for health, and it affects the metabolism, causes irritability in the stomach, and increases the risks of heat strokes, heart attacks and even diabetes.

10.do you chew your food? – We must chew our food 36 times, before swallowing it as by chewing it we give our food enough time to mix up with the saliva ,which helps our food to be broken easily in the stomach.


11. Burn yourself with an empty stomach – If you think that working out with an empty stomach would help you easily lose weight then you are very wrong as working-out this way we allow our body to give up more heat than the required amount that our body can afford. So it is important to have some amount of food before you go to work out, so as to save yourself from over exhaustion, fatigue and even from collapsing.

12. Are you exercising with full stomach? – Eating a good and heavy meal just before exercise is a really foolish thing to do as it not only slows us down but also disturbs the digestion process. So it is appropriate to have food two or three hours before you go for workout.

13. Workout under the guidance – Exercising should be done under the guidance of a trainer. As they are trained and qualified, and can teach us the right ways and correct techniques to exercise or we might end up injuring ourselves.

14. Hurry into pain – If you are busy and don’t have time to work out its better to avoid or miss the exercise for a day rather than hurrying in finishing and carrying-out all the exercises in the least possible time without thinking that it may have adverse effects on your health.

15.workout shower – Must be wondering what a workout shower is ,it is taking a small shower after exercise as it is not only hygienic but also helps our muscles to relax .but it should be taken only when our body comes back to the normal temperature.

16.workout and break again – To provide our body with proper benefits of workout we must give a few minutes break between two sessions of the exercises so as to give our body a proper benefit of each of the exercise. As this not only relaxes us but also the wearing and tearing muscles due to exercise.

17. Importance of warming up – It is important for one to know how useful warming up for the body before and after the exercise .by simple warming ups before workout which may increase muscle elasticity and the heart, we avoid many risks to injuries.


18. Wash your face – Do you have whiteheads, blackheads, spots or pimples on your face? Then it is due to the impurities resulting from pollution such as oil, dirt and grime. So as to save ourselves from such things we must wash our face least twice a day, and most importantly after coming from outdoors.

19. Frequent face-wash – Washing our face frequently can also harm it leading you to lose natural oils from the skin and cause patching and dullness to the skin.

20. Protect your hands – We carry out most of our work with our hands, but our efficiency to carry out work might be lost due excessive washing of hands as a result of which our hands may lose their moisture and become coarse. We must try to maintain moisture by putting the hand creams.

21. Protect face – We must protect our face not only from pollution but also save it from many problems which may arise due to rubbing of eyes ,biting of the lips and touching the face again and again. We must try to keep our face natural as much as possible just by cleansing it and by applying few necessary products to maintain and preserve our natural beauty.

22. Sharing infection? – One may catch up infection by sharing of make-up .infection can be easily caused at the eyes and the lips. So to save your skin avoid sharing of make-up products.

23. Ultra violet rays and its effect on skin – Ultraviolet rays or so called the UV rays harms our skin to a great extent. So it’s better to avoid the sun as far as possible. It would be better to apply sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) over 15 to protect the skin from harmful radiations.

24. 10 Minutes to glow – To prevent your skin from problems like breakouts, premature aging can be solved like a proper toning, cleansing and moisturizing every night can prevent in the glowing of the skin .

25. Clean your makeup – Do you clean your make-up before going off to sleep? It is important to clean and remove the make-up properly from your face before you g of to sleep as the make-up contains many harmful chemicals which if left overnight they block the pores of the skin and hence the skin cannot breathe properly which leads to breakouts and patchy skin.

Groom yourself

26. Dress according to an occasion – Wearing casuals at a business party can never be a good idea. so as to save yourself from embarrassment one should learn to dress according to occasions ,know of all the in and out trends .sober dressing can be the best dressing to many occasions and it suits one and all.

27. What weird smell is it? – It is important to smell good hence one should use the perfumes that are mild and pleasant and soothing .a perfume very hard and with a strong smell may not be liked by all.

28. Smell good – It’s really important to smell good, not only use a perfume or deodorant but the best way is to maintain personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is not only important for personal health but also the best way to impress others.

29. Dress clean – To look the best one should be the best by dressing clean and not looking shabby. Dressing properly one can not only look smart and impressive but can help increase your confidence.


30. Exercise and stress – Stress is one of the factors for declining health in an individual’s if you are stressed so better hit the gym and sweat it out to feel relaxed , fine and healthy.

31. Gargle to defeat germs – Yes, it is important to properly clean your mouth with water as not cleaning mouth after eating can help germs create bad breathe environment in mouth leading to gum disease and many dental issues. So properly clean and rinse your mouth after having meals by gargling or just simply moving the brush around the mouth once.

32. Home-made doctor – Medication without the advice of a doctor can be harmful and dangerous as well. So next time don’t prescribe medicine to yourself or others, just get treated by a doctor.

33. Is it a nature’s call? – one must not try to control or be late in answering nature’s call as it puts great pressure on the kidneys and the intestine and effect the working of our system. So don’t be late in answering nature’s call as it can be dangerous as well.

34. Annual check-up – Do you have a family doctor and do you go in for annual checkups? If not then just go for one along with your family members as the annual check-ups can reduce the risk of diseases to a great extent. It’s the best way to detect problems early in body.

35. Taking medicine on time – According to a survey it has been found that 30-40% of people don’t take the medicines on time or as prescribed. This type of irresponsibility can do more harm to your body indeed, or it may take longer for you to recover.

36. Take a rest – During your long working hours with computers can strain the muscles of your eyes, hence your eyes must be given a rest for every 8-10 minutes in the duration of 1hour.strain to eyes can cause problems like blurry vision, headaches and a major problem is in changing focus. So take a rest for healthy eyes.

37. Being waterholic – You are not a fish that you need to drink water in huge quantities. As too much of water intake can harm or be dangerous as this may lead to swelling in brain, which might interfere with bodily function such as breathing and may also lead to death.

38. Are you on a holiday? – According to a finding people who go on for vacations reduce the risk of death by 20% every year, and decline the chances of heart attack by 30%.and the people who go on regular vacations are happier, stress free and lead a long life. Hence it’s not only about fun.


39. Relax to sleep – Can you sleep with tension in your mind? Instead of taking unnecessary tension and disturbing your sleep its better. Try to calm and relax yourself by reading a book, meditating or by listening music.

40. Late night dinner – Late night dinners are a really bad habit. It should be avoided to stay fit and healthy .dinner taken before going to bed can lead to disturbed sleep, lead to tiredness the nest day, and also problems like ingestion and heartburn.

41. Early to rise – Body needs a sleep for about 6-8hours sleeping more than that can lead the body tiered, instead of making us feel rested and refresh. So to be and stay physically active, under and over sleep are not useful.

42. Vitamin D to sleep – Do have an habit of taking the sunlight the best source of vitamin D, every morning for about 5 minutes every day and let the sunlight enter your room. As it helps produce a hormone called melatonin, which is responsible for regulating our sleep cycle.


43. Do you floss? – Flossing is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Daily flossing can reduce the bacteria in your teeth which lead to gum disease. Flossing removes the plaque gathered at the corners of the teeth which should be cleaned so as to prevent bacteria that might enter the blood stream blocking the arteries increasing the risk of heart disease.

44. Wash your hands – Do not forget to wash your hands frequently is a good habit and important factors to maintain hygiene, by washing our hands we reduce the bacteria present in or hands that may cause diseases like common cold, bronchiolitis, influenza, hepatitis A and diarrhea.

45. Technique to wash your hair – Hair should be washed properly with a right technique, and at least 4 times a week, we can keep our scalp free of dandruff, lice and other scalp diseases. Hair should not be washed with hot water instead use Luke warm water as hot water may take away the natural scalp oil and shine from the hair.

46. Ear not-buds – For cleaning of ears we must take a doctor’s help if necessary moreover ears have a natural cleaning process so it’s better not to use the ear buds as it may harm the ear and increase the chances of infection.

47. How do your nails taste? – Nail biting is really a bad habit and must be avoided as it increases the problems like facial pains, headaches, tooth sensitivity, recessed gums and also loosing of tooth. And may also cause infection due to minor cut or damage the nail bed.


48. From letters to emails – Checking emails and using emails is not a bad thing as it just makes our work easier saves time and also saves us from embarrassment. We can just sort out most of our work at just a click of mouse through emails.

49. Don’t be a loud speaker – Talking loudly until someone is hard of hearing is a bad habit as no one would like loud noise. Talking loudly on the phone or face to face may show that you are ill-mannered and may disturb the people around .we must learn to talk softly and politely.

50. Schedule your day – One must learn to schedule their day and learn to make the list of all the things to be done so you don’t miss out any and followed and make timings for all important and urgent tasks.

51. Do you pile up your task? – Putting off the difficult tasks to be done later on is a really bad thing as it just simply piles up loads of work for the last moment and creates a pressure situation for you. This might be difficult to be handled creating mess and stress. So just make and manage things according to schedules.

52. A team motivator – Team motivator is a good leadership quality and it should be used to motivate the colleagues by applauding and appreciating them on their achievements which are a good thing. As it not only boosts a particular person but the entire team.

53. Break is important – From continuous work at office it gets important to take frequent breaks from the work to give rest to your brain from long hours of working to save it from stress and tension, and slows down the working of the brain and may also cause many health hazards.

54. Respect time – Be a gentleman and woman by knowing the importance of time and following things on time and avoid being late to work frequently as it exploits your image in front of your boss and other colleagues, and it increases your risk of being thrown from the job as well.

55. Never be personal to profession – Being personal to profession is not good .never let your personal life interfere with your professional life .it is a sort of offence to use your professional equipments for the personal use as it is very unethical and unauthorized ,hence by increasing professional costs for business in millions every year. So be a good employ and help the business to develop by cost cutting.

56. Meeting or phone? – Using of the cell phone during meetings is really not appreciable and may even ruin your impression in front of others as it may be disrespectful them. You might be considered as an irresponsible fellow who least bothered about meeting and has less devotion to the work.

57. Think before you speak -To be a good and respected person you must have the quality to impress others by your words instead being rude or hurting them by speaking rubbish without even thing. An understanding and a smart person would not want to earn a bad reputation by badmouthing, hence, one should always think sensibly before speaking.


58. Worry is worse – Worry can lead you to stress and tension which is not really good .as worrying can lead you to addiction such as drugs smoking alcohol etc. It can be one of our reasons to grave early. Worrying can lead to psychosomatic diseases like heart-attack, hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure and also cancer.

59. Laughter club – Laughter is the best medicine to help as it not only rescues stress and tension but gives you a smiling attitude to impress others .so always try to smile and laugh. By this way one is able to solve problems more easily and gives them an optimistic way to think about the world. Laughter increases blood flow and also improves the immunity of our body to fight against the diseases.

60. Control your anger – One must have a good control over their anger. Anger can never do well for any one. It’s the biggest obstacle in ones success .and their health is the most affected. According to a finding people losing their temper easily are least likely to get a promotion at their work and show great violent streak.

61. Be positive – Yes, to live a long life you just need to be positive in every situation and handle them the same way. Optimists are 14% less risk to die of illness. If you think you would live long and be happy eventually this would affect your health in great way, saving you from heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


62. Handle your luggage carefully – One must learn to handle their luggage carefully and with caution .one must use the right type of bags or suit-cases that may keep your stuff such as laptop safe. So that the luggage is reached to destination without much concern and without being harmed.

63. Are you on time? – Last moment hurry is not a good idea. So always try to be on time because you would never want to lose your money by missing your bus or flight due to last minute rush to catch them.

64. Arrange your stuff? – All the important documents and stuff like passport, visa, money and tickets etc. should never kept in one bag instead they should be arranged in such a way in different bags that you are left with some even after one of your baggage gets stolen. Be wise by putting the above mentioned things in different bags.

65. Don’t overstuff – No here we are not talking about your stomach, we are talking about your bag here which should not be stuffed with unnecessary items when you travel. It should be packed according to the trip. Even you would not want to hang around a heavily stuffed bad that might be a pain to you so be smart and by choosing the right items that need to be carried.

66. Done with your packing? – Last minute packing can never be a smart idea as the damaging of important things to a great extent. Neither you would want to miss your important stuff back nor would you yourself enjoy it. Earlier packing is the best option as this way you would decrease.


67. Don’t pay extra – Why would anyone want to pay extra money in the form of a fine, companies like to make their money in this form as there are many careless people who people pay their bills after the due date. Such “generous” customers are helped by electronic clearing services.

68. Borrower or beggar – There are some sort of people who have this cheap habit of borrowing money from fellow workers in the office which is not liked people with such habits are irritating they borrow small-small amount of money from them and don’t return it back ,such people stay aloof at later times because they can’t be trusted at the times of crises.

69. Risk it all – This is the motto of a gambler who takes gambling as a profession by risking everything such as career, relationships, reputation in society, and this ugly habit can lose you all. Surveys show that gamblers are at high risk getting bankrupt, divorced or committing suicides.

70. Do you save? – Saving money is something that one must be actively involved in .if you don’t save money you won’t know its importance it is an immediate help that we can get at the times of crisis.

71. Shop that you need – Shopping just because you are willing to can never be a smart thing to do as it would empty your wallet for unnecessary things. Shopping is not an investment and if you shop depending on your mood or emotionally then it’s very obvious that you would buy more than that is required.

72. Love your money – Never take the chances of putting your money at risk. We shall try to make investments only if we are financially well stable. So be smart about your spending and try not going in for debts by compromising with the quality of your living.

73. Clear your principal – It’s not good to go in for minimum amount due interests charged on credit cards. This way you would end up paying more amount of money hence not be able to clear your principal.

Safety and security

74. Head or helmet, just your choice – Not wearing a helmet while riding a bike is not only unsafe but unfashionable at the same time. Not wearing a helmet can never make you look cool. Helmets are meant for your security as in most of the cases of bike accidents severe injuries happen to take place at the neck and head region.

75. Fasten your seat-belts please – Do you love your life? Then always go in for the world’s best and the coolest accessory that is the seat belt, and it is called so because of the role that it has been playing in saving millions of lives worldwide all these years since its invention.

76. Do you jump a red signal? – Well if you do then you can be considered as a very irresponsible individual .because breaking the rules like this is one of the biggest because of road accidents all over the world. It’s better to wait for a minute instead of losing your life and making your family wait for your family wait for you throughout their lives.

77. Your cosmetics also expire – There should be a certain limit to using a particular cosmetic product and should not be kept in store to be used later on as cosmetics too have an expiry date, and post their expiry the chemicals in these products become more harmful and as old cosmetics cause harm leading to bacteria.

78. Don’t multi-task while driving – It is better to avoid distracting things while driving rather than putting your life in danger .one such biggest distraction is the mobile phone which should be avoided as it diverts your attention and you are risked more towards accidents. So a phone call while driving must be avoided or if its an important one the vehicle should be stopped at the corner of the road for answering the phone.


79. Please shut your phone! – So you put your cell phones on silent while in a public place such as hotel, restaurants, hall, train etc. If not then you should learn to do so, as not putting your cell phone on silent mode is not only bad manners but can be really disturbing and irritating as well.

80. Don’t open your mouth while eating – Talking while eating can really look odd and others appetite around you would be killed .opening your mouth while display can never look stylish instead it just puts your food on display and makes you look ill-mannered.

81. Public secrets – Some people to be a public figure spread false rumors which are not worth paying attention to. As there are many who claim to be related or knowing a celebrity. In fact if a person is really related to a celebrity then they would just be keeping it a secret.

82. Are you a nose-picker? – eeeewwwww! your nose is not a gold mine that you have to keep on digging it….nose-picking can never be a good thing to be done ,especially in public places as it would never be liked or appreciated by anyone in your surroundings. So please give up this habit.

83. Go in for a healthy conversation – A healthy conversation is one where people put forward their views and opinions one by one giving others an equal chance of speaking their minds. Don’t just give importance to your views ,others views also matter and cutting others while speaking is never a good thing to be done.

84. Sit properly – Don’t be a restless creature always sit and behave like an educated person. Resting your feet on furniture with your shoes on, especially when it’s not yours is a big NO! So better to rest down your feet and then talk.

85. Lazy enough to litter —–anyone who is careless and messy , and just doesn’t care about the garbage they are littering around is the biggest sign of being lazy. It is a dirty habit and spreads diseases. So stop littering and get free of the “I don’t care” attitude.

86. Be private in public – It’s not a good habit to touch yourself in public especially your private parts .even if not enough educated one must clearly have an idea of what are the do’s and don’ts when in public.

87. Have a control on honking – Honking is mostly considered as the biggest signs of frustrations which people .so sort your emotions and honk less even a visit to a counselor may work so as to help you handle your emotions well.

Friends and family

88. Are you depressed? – Can lead to premature death. The best way to handle depression and to get out of it is to stay in touch with your loved ones. Talking to them frequently will not make you feel lonely .you can share your feelings and emotions with them and ask for helping advices as well.

89. Respect friends – Friendship is all about not being formal but sometimes it gets important to convey your words of love and gestures to friends so as to make them realize their importance and need in our lives.

90. Its just concern – Sometimes concern of our loved ones for us seems like nagging to us. but the truth is they try to help us by their ideas and experiences and we end up taking it to our hearts as we may feel insulted .we must always listen to them and not let this nagging get on the nerves.

91. Put yourself in their shoes – To understand someone it’s better to understand the feelings and emotional situation of your loved ones .we must try not to sympathies but to empathies with your loved ones which keeps up happy and strengthens our relations.

Marriage and dating

92. Value your partner – yes, it is necessary to respect and value the needs and emotions of your partner to have a strong bond and relation. Love should be unconditional and must not be taken for granted.

93. Happily enjoy your relation – A relation is one where the happiness of other partner matters the most hence they should make attempts to make them laugh and smiling. By doing this you would get a chance to get closer.

94. Keep the romance alive – Always feel free to express your love, make special arrangements and diners sometimes to give your partner a break from regular routine and make them realize that you still love them an want to keep that spark alive forever.

95. Love like a kid – It’s good to love your partner like a kid but treating them like one is never acceptable they should be given the freedom to take their own decisions for letting them the work they want and they are interested in.

96. Take a notice – According to finding couples who complement each other have a much happier and satisfactory life they have a higher level of pleasure hormone called “oxytocin”, responsible for a positive relation.

97. The “us” factor – It is better to sacrifice in a relation but being a saint is not good .you need not always sacrifice your happiness for your partner .a relation involves to individuals who together get ”us”, instead of “you” and “me”. So both should be working towards each other’s happiness and fulfill each other’s needs.

98. Perform rituals – “Rituals” are certain gestures that bring you and your partner closer .it involves small things like a small morning kiss or hug, spending value time with each other that makes your partner realize that you only belong to them.

99. Respect your partner – Avoid having toxic chats such as name-calling ,comparisons , threatening ,using insulting and hurting taunts etc. must be avoided to have a happy marriage. Therefore, either one must make an attempt to detox their talks before it would be late.

100. Don’t just remain silent——silence is something that’s really bad for any relation partners must discuss pout their problems to each other and have regular discussions and interactions about certain things .reaming silent is not a solution to anything it just increases the gap between two.

101. Quit your addictions—-we all are aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health but the important thing related to smoking and drinking is that it affects intimacy. People who smoke and drink are a total turn offs for their partners due to their stink and repulsive and bad mouth taste.


102. Eat together to feel together —-family meals are the most important times that family members share together. They get chance to discuss and sort out their problems together as one which ultimately strengthens there bonds. Parents and children can get involved in good and healthy discussions with their parents which is really good sign of parenting as they could be thought many values and manners.

103. Don’t be a pushy parent – Pushy parents usually are the ones who force their children to eat all types of food and finish everything on their plate regardless of the fact that how hungry they are. Such things are really wrong as this pushes the child towards obesity and eating disorders in children.

104. Demonstrating – Do you often flaunt your kids achievement and trophies whenever and wherever ,well this is the worst thing that you could do as parents ,be proud of what your child achieves and wins rather than flaunting it by putting it on show.

105. Be an icon – According to a research we see that kids try to copy the behavior and mannerism of their parents as they are their first teachers and the biggest icons to them. So be a good parent and don’t behave in ways that your child might adopt later in their life, teach them the best about life instead of the things that you would have to regret later.

106. Don’t compare – It’s very wrong to compare your kids by making senseless discussions of your achievements when you were their age ,its senseless because this might make the child feel as if they are worthless and may directly affect their self-esteem.

107. Be good parents – A child is very innocent and has equal love for their mother and father so they should never be asked to choose amongst any of the two as this might heart the feelings of the child and leave a bad impression on their mind.


108. Thank for what you have – The biggest sense of positivity is thanking god for what you have rather than blaming him for what you don’t have. Praying everyday gives us the best frame of mind and helps us achieve things positively in life.

109. A world of our own – The best way to feel comfortable and relaxed is practicing meditation every day for few minutes which not only provides us good mental set of mind but also an emotional stability. It’s not only good for health as it improves our respiratory problems but solves many illnesses but also helps us understand ourselves in a much better way.

110. Give yourself a reality check – Time to time one should give oneself a reality check. So that that we face the reality and don’t get deflected by the illusions we have not only about us but also about the others.

111. A sense of humanity – A sense of belonging towards the world gives us a way where we are able to easily solve our problems. It increases our intensity of closeness with the world .and we feel free and open to explore good things around with having a beautiful perspective towards the world by practicing compassion.

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