All About John Cena

John Cena Birthday

Once again its time for a little inside information about our main man Mr. John Cena.

So if your lookin to send a card, let it be known that John Cena's birthday is April 23 and his was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts back in 1977.

Share some cool 1977 facts in the comment section below.

John Cena Height

Ever wonder how tall Mr muscles is? Me too!

So i did a little searching for "how tall is John Cena?" and i can up with the following.

John Cena is 6 feet 1 inches.

Sounds just about right to me.

John Cena Desktop Wallpapers

Great set of WWE champ and movie celeb actor John Cena desktop wallpapers.

Pretty nice quality for these pics. Enjoy.

John Cena Casual Images

Casual image of John Cena sitting on couch.
Image of John Cena holding wwe wrestling championship belt.
Close up image of wwe wrestling champ John Cena looking handsome.

John Cena Sexy Photos

Sexy photo of wwe wrestling champion John Cena posing with huge muscles.
Ripped autographed photo of wwe champion John Cena wearing bucket hat.
Hot picture of John Cena wearing camouflage pants with his huge muscles

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