50 Inspiring College Coaches On Twitter

By Anna Miller

Love college sports but feeling left out during the off season? Blogs, Facebook, and more can help bridge the gap, but is that enough? With too little time to fill so much passion, a Twitter account can make more sense than ever.

It allows you to express your thoughts and read those of others in a mere 140 characters. Best of all, you don’t need an account yourself to read the tweets of others. To help bridge the gap between the various bowls, March Madness, and other college sports, we have gathered 50 inspiring college coaches on Twitter listed mostly by current number of followers. They head up football, basketball, and more at some of the most prestigious universities across the nation.

Inspiring East and Other College Football Coaches On Twitter

These coaches make up the ACC, SEC, and Big East.

1. Urban Meyer : Stop here to get the official Twitter feed for the Head Football Coach for the University of Florida. Although taking a break in the off season, over 20,000 people tune into this coach to hear what he has to say. The main site has loads more for Gator fans.

2. Les Miles : If purple is your color, Coach Miles is your man on Twitter. He is the Head Coach of LSU football. A plus is that he tweets, no matter what the time of year.

3. Mark Richt : Georgia Bulldogs can stop here for their inspiring college coach. He is the football coach and is more of a talker than a listener. His main site has more.

4. Coach Fridge : With over 10,000, followers he is a popular choice. Coach Ralph Friedgen has loads to say about the game, even during the off season. Get updates and more here.

5. Roll With The Tide : If the Twitter feed of one coach isn’t enough for you, stop here. It contains the tweets of the collective college coaching staff at the University of Alabama. It is a must visit for all fans of the Crimson Tide.

6. David Cutcliffe : Blue is the color for this Twitter feed. Coach Cutcliffe is the Head Football Coach at Duke University. Tweets are often inspirational but not forthwith on the offseason.

7. Coach Bill Stewart : Stop here if you are a West Virginia fan. Coach Stewart heads up the coaching duties for West Virginia University. It doesn’t have to be football season to get a few inspirational tweets.

8. Coach Swinney : This is the Twitter account for the Head Football Coach at Clemson in South Carolina. Dabo Swinney also likes to give rather than receives words and tweets mostly during the season.

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