The Seeping Insects Covered in Water Droplets

Dew-covered insects photographed in the middle of the night in a forest in Poland

Droplets of dew collect on the bodies of sleeping insects in these photos taken by physiotherapist Miroslaw Swietek at around 3am in the forest next to his home

Using a torch, the 37-year-old amateur photographer hunts for in the dark before setting up his camera and flash just millimetres from them

Miroslaw said: "I took up photography as a relaxing hobby two and a half years ago and I particularly like taking pictures of insects and lizards'
"I photograph them in their natural environment in the forest next to my village. They all are covered in dew because I go to the forest in the morning at around 3am. At 3am to 4am insects are sleepy and taking photos of them is easy - but it is very difficult to find them.

"You have to be very fast taking the photos because the dew quickly disappears"

"I have books which help me identify insects but because they are all covered in dew I find it almost impossible to knew which types they are." Miroslaw lives with his wife and teenage son in Jaroszow, a village in Poland about 30 miles from the city of Wroclaw

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