100 Amazing Upcycling Ideas Anyone Can Do

By Betty Jones

One does not have to be an environmentalist to enjoy the benefits of upcycling projects. Anyone who derives enjoyment from DIY projects and other creative endeavors will love looking at the following instructions for ideas and inspiration for undertakings of their very own. Or, of course, they can follow along at home as a means of learning new techniques and nurturing their innovation.

1. Bike Innertube Wallet : Learn how to transform the innertube of a bike tire into a durable, waterproof wallet that only requires a bit of simple cutting and sewing.

2. Travel Trunk Rolling Bar : An old travel trunk makes for an elegant, vintage (or, at least, vintage looking) rolling bar/conversation piece perfect for entertaining.

3. Old CD Jewelry : Smooth, shiny CDs can make for some stunning, relatively simple and understated jewelry pieces – and with their rapidly escalating status as obsolete technology, there will be plenty stacking up for these creative DIY projects.

4. G4 Cubequarium : Fans of Macs and technology will delight in this amazing fish tank made from an old G4. It requires a bit of work, but the instructions are all laid out in detail.


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