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Defending U.S. Open champion Serena Williams smashed her racket after losing the first set, hurled an expletive-laced tirade at a line judge for calling a foot fault on match point, was docked that point for a second code violation, and, as a result, lost Saturday’s semifinal to Kim Clijsters 6-4, 7-5.
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I love watching Serena Williams play tennis. Heck, she can serve a tennis ball 120 mph. That's movin'. But the sounds that come out of her mouth every time she hits the ball are, well ... alarming.

I can't figure out if a.) she's having a tooth pulled; b.) she's hacked off at something her crazy father said; or c.) she's having — how would you say it? — a memorable sexual experience.

Seriously. Watch her at Wimbledon, and you'll understand what I'm talking about

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From Braves phenom Tommy Hanson to half of the New York Yankees, the flu bug has hit Major League Baseball hard. But what could be worse than bringing down the American juggernaut? How about an outbreak at Wimbledon. Four ball boys and girls were asked to stay home after they exhibited flu like symptoms. Wimbledon officials are down playing the scare but could there be a worse time for the swine flu to hit with competitors battling for a spot in the quarterfinals?
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Venus & Serena Williams

Venus & Serena Williams

Don’t ask us where this footage came from because we do not know.

Dime Wars has dug up a video of the tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams working their groove thing on the dance floor … oops! tennis court.

Go figure. It appears that their agility in tennis is lost when it comes to dance. They are trying to get down, but something tells them they better not go south central on the court.

Check them out. It appears they are giving the false impression that their spectators could possibly beat them at this.

But, surely we’ve seen Serena drop it like it’s hot in the past … haven’t we? Well yeah, sort of … on the court.

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Pretty much everyone is impressed by the way Venus and Serena Williams dominate at Wimbledon.

Even Roger Federer, who knows a thing or two himself about success at the grass-court Grand Slam tournament.

"It seems when they're playing well," Federer observed, "that there's not much of a chance for the other girls."

That is true, particularly when it comes to Wimbledon, where recent records and the rankings don't seem to have any bearing on how the Williams sisters will fare. Remember: Serena Williams showed up at the All England Club with a 4-5 record since early April. Her older sibling Venus was not much better in that span, going 6-5. Both trail No. 1 Dinara Safina in the rankings.

And yet, if No. 2 Serena beats No. 4 Elena Dementieva in Thursday's semifinals, and No. 3 Venus gets past Safina, they would set up the fourth all-Williams title match at Wimbledon and second in a row. As it is, one Williams or the other has won seven of the past nine championships here.

"I mean, it's been quite incredible what Venus has been able to do here at Wimbledon also, winning five times, just being so consistent for so many years," Federer said.

"Serena obviously having won the career Grand Slam already since a long time has always been one of the biggest contenders for any major in the last few years. I like to watch them because they're very powerful."

Yes, there is little doubt who is expected to meet in Saturday's final.

"You never know what could happen," said eighth-seeded Victoria Azarenka, who lost to Serena 6-2, 6-3 in the quarterfinals, "but I'm pretty sure they're playing very good tennis, and they deserve to play in the final."

It's the first time the top four-seeded women all reached the semifinals at a major tournament since it happened at Wimbledon in 2006. Yet the matchups could hardly appear more lopsided.

Venus leads Safina 2-1 in previous meetings, while Serena leads Dementieva 5-3. Of more significance might be these statistics: Venus is 12-4 in Grand Slam semifinals and has seven titles, and Safina is 3-1 with zero titles; Serena is 13-2 in Grand Slam semifinals with 10 titles, and Dementieva is 2-5 with zero titles.

Venus is bidding to become the first woman since Steffi Graf in 1991-93 to win Wimbledon three years in a row and is trying for No. 6 overall. Serena beat Venus in the 2002 and 2003 finals at the All England Club.

"We have a great game. We have strong serves. I think we have pretty good returns," Serena said.

"We both move pretty well. So I think that's a pretty solid game."

Should a championship match come about, they would turn into rivals. Until then, though, they are teammates.

They're sharing a house during the tournament. They practice together - an advantage no one else on tour has. And they're playing doubles as a pair, defending their Wimbledon title and reaching the semifinals by defeating Anna-Lena Groenefeld of Germany and Vania King of the United States 6-2, 7-5 Wednesday.

With Dad snapping photos from the stands, the sisters sure formed an opposing duo warming up side-by-side along the baseline. When Venus smacked an ace to end the opening game, she and Serena slapped palms.

Their interaction doesn't change much as they move closer to a possible Grand Slam final.

They are, after all, used to this: There have been seven all-Williams championship matches at majors, with Serena holding a 5-2 lead. Overall, the sisters are tied 10-10.

"We still encourage each other. I mean, on finals day, we don't say, 'You can do it!' to each other. At the same time, we're doubles partners, too, so we have to be focused on the doubles court and work as a team," Venus said.

"I mean, we've got it all figured out at this point, what's coming up. So the key is for us both to do well and to get to that final."

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It was nasty and it developed into blatant racism. Now, eight years after the crowd booed Serena Williams’s victory over Kim Clijsters in the women’s final at Indian Wells, the sisters remain notable by their absence this week, as they have been since 2001. But this year they will be back, if only briefly, Venus in July and Serena, the world No1, in October.

The healing of the rift between the tournament, one of the most prestigious in women’s tennis, and the Williams family is essentially no nearer to being resolved but, with the WTA having implemented new rules for this year, with such top tournaments “mandatory”, a compromise had to be reached to avoid the embarrassing and damaging suspension of the two best women players in the world.

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One reason that may have influenced Serena Williams to participate in the Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race was her passion for driving fast. In fact to really satisfy her need for speed, she drives her two seater BMW Z3. This vehicle is actually her first ride and she still has it today.

The BMW Z3 was the first modern mass-market roadster produced by BMW, as well as the first BMW model assembled in the United States. The Z3 was developed from the E36 platform of the 3 Series. The resulting platform is sometimes referred to as the E36/7. The rear semi-trailing arm suspension from the E30 was used and the 1.9 L M44B19 straight-4 engine was included in the initial models.

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I'm pretty sure that up until now, no one on has had any reason to purchase a copy of Men's Fitness. (Unless you're a dude, in which case, you're probably looking for or barking up the wrong tree entirely.) But on August 18, it's possible you could at least find yourself picking up the September issue while standing in line at the store, and turning to the photospread of Serena Williams.

serena william in a bikni

The tennis pro (and current Olympic competitor) has been named one of the sexiest female athletes, and I have to agree. (Kudos, Men's Fitness.) But what does Serena think? She told the magazine:

I have large boobs and a sizable a--, so I guess the title comes with the territory. But I just play tennis. I always try to look my best, even though it’s hard to look your best when you’re sweating, grunting, and making faces. I never look my best when playing.

tennis star serena william

I'm sure a lot of women would beg to differ and can appreciate some grunting and sweating (even in the tennis context). And Serena goes on to tell the magazine what she absolutely hates, and I couldn't agree more.

Guys should never grab me. I hate when guys grab girls. I think it’s so rude. I’ve been grabbed numerous times. Don’t touch. I'm not your property. I absolutely hate that.

serena william in bikini and swimsuit

Ugh I know, right? So much better when a girl grabs you. I'm sure that's what she's saying. But since grabbing the sexy sports star probably isn't in my future, I'll have to settle for the upcoming issue of Men's Fitness.

Game, Set & Tampons To Serena Williams


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Tampax, the number one tampon brand in the U.S., announced today that tennis champion Serena Williams will appear in a print advertising campaign starting in October 2009. The images bring to life Tampax’s “Outsmart Mother Nature” campaign, further illustrating the brand’s commitment to celebrating today’s women and empowering them to live life on their own terms every day.

Williams will be featured in a series of playful, lighthearted advertisements and online videos. In each piece, Williams defeats Tampax’s Mother Nature character, who tries to deliver her “monthly gift” in an unsuccessful attempt to throw Williams off her game – on and off the tennis court.

“Serena embodies the energy, independence and strength we celebrate in women, and this exciting partnership is a game-changing moment for the feminine care industry,” said Courtney Schuster, Associate Brand Manager, Tampax. “In this creative, lighthearted campaign, Serena embodies the playful wit of Tampax as she continues to be a champion and successfully Outsmarts Mother Nature.”

A series of print ads will run starting in October 2009, with the first print ad in October issues of national teen publications and national beauty, health and women’s lifestyle publications this winter.


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No, Serena. It’a all about fugly swimsuits. Burn this mess!

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