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A recent internet search for the definition to "sideshow" rendered the following response: Sideshow - A diversion or spectacle that is incidental to a larger set of circumstances or a bigger issue of concern.
Is there a better way to describe Michelle Wie and what has quickly gone from a promising career to a letdown of biblical proportions?
Today, she withdrew after 16 holes with a +14 score... just a two more strokes over par and she would have been banned from LPGA tour events for a full year.
What is going on? Here are a few opinions.
1. Her parents are pushing her too hard.2. Nike is pushing her too hard.3. She is using the injury as a safety net for when she doesn't perform.4. Deep down, she is rebelling against her pop by performing poorly.5. She should go to college and continue to practice and come back in two years.6. She should focus on dominating the LPGA before trying to prove anything else.7. She needs to grow up but can't until number one stops being a factor.
I hope Michelle "recovers" in time for next week's LPGA Championship at Bulle Rock. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her during the event last year when she contended into the final day.
Michelle Wie still has the potential to become one of the greatest athletes we'll ever see. I just hope she doesn't have to reach rock bottom in order to get to the top.
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Hawaiian PrincessSomeone get a cake and some candles (16 to be exact). Oct. 11 is Michelle Wie's birthday. At just 16 and heading into her first tournament as a pro, Michelle has the world at her feet ... but she'll always remember her Hawaiian roots.

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Golfer Michelle Wie attends the World Premiere of “Spider-Man 3″ at the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower on April 16, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan.The film opens on May 1 in Japan. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)
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Poor Michelle Wie. She's getting tagged by injury and her swing is melting down. She's quickly getting lumped into an elite group of overhyped non-winners that include Anna Kournikova and well, Anna Kournikova. She was within two bogeys of getting removed from the LPGA for the remainder of the year. Even Annika Sorenstam blasted her: “I just feel that there’s a little bit of lack of respect and class just to leave a tournament like that and then come out and practice here... It’s a little funny that you pull out with an injury and then you start grinding. My doctor told me to rest.”Annika was referring to Michelle's return to the driving range less than a week after her withdrawel. Criticism of her 'handling' is now becoming near universal. She is routinely invited to lesser mens' event and she is routinely failing. She still has yet to win an LPGA event. Last year she threatened to become the youngest LPGA winner, ever, and this year she's flirting with getting kicked off the tour.Now, Michelle's future is still bright. Make no mistake about it, any girl with her swing and 300 yard bombs has a future in golf, but unfortunately her family is too busy cashing in to get her the obvious development she needs.
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Professional golfer Michelle Wie was named one of “100 people who shape our world” in a 2006 Times magazine article. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Korean-born parents, Michelle began playing golf at the age of four. She turned professional at age 15 and said, “The first time I grabbed a golf club, I knew that I’d do it for the rest of my life.”
In 2002 she became the youngest player to qualify for an LPGA event, at the age of 12. A few months later, Michelle became the youngest person ever, male or female, to win a USGA adult event.
Former World No. 1 professional golfer Fred Couples has commented,
When you see her hit a golf ball [...] there’s nothing that prepares you for it. It’s just the scariest thing you’ve ever seen.
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These girls can out run you, out swim you; shut you down in a game of full-court b-ball, ski faster and jump higher than you ever will. They have physical prowess in their respective sport, and unlike 99% of the other girls in their league are incredibly nice to look at!
Without further ado, here are the Top 25 Sexiest Female Athletes of 2007. Check out each girl’s gallery and vote in the poll for your top choice.
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